First official post.

Hiiiiiiiiiii! This is my first official post. I’m excited, I’ve been wanting to start a blog for the longest. Not just for people to read but because writing is one of my favorite ways to self express. It’s easy (in a sense), free, and helps you get all of the thoughts you want to get out, out. 

So..a little background on me. My name is Ambernique. I’m a mother of one beaitiful baby girl (Brooklyn Elise), a graduate of The University of Memphis and current grad student at Strayer University. I love my parents and my boyfriend and close friends. I love taking care of my daughter, she’s the absolute best thing that happened to me. I’m very family oriented and I have lots of things to talk about :-). Here I will post about first time mommy experiences, shopping,  books I am reading or want to read, life experiences, and everything else in between. I hope whoever reads my posts enjoys them! 

Here’s a picture of my family. I love us.  



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