I cut my hair!!! 

Sooooo….I cut my hair. I cut it all off. Some days I can’t believe it, most days I’m too busy doing mom stuff to even notice :). 

Why did I cut my hair? I was stressed, honestly. Needed something completely different and new. I didn’t know what other change I could make to myself to be even more honest. I always planned to cut my hair short when I was around 25 anyways and here I am…25 and it’s cut! I couldn’t deal with it anymore and my baby was tugging at it ALL of the time anyways and when she wasn’t, I was. Tragic! 

I’m glad I did it. It was the dead weight that I needed lifted since having my daughter. I do have days where I miss my hair but oh well change is inevitable and at the time I needed this BAD. 
P.s. This was a short post, huh? Lol. Good evening good people. 

Tardy for the party. 

You guys! Why didn’t anyone tell me how great Being Mary Jane is…?! Ok, ok, ok. Essentially I vowed to not watch the show because I didn’t want her lifestyle and what the show represents to have any type of effect on my life. That so didn’t work. I was hooked from the first few minutes of the first episode and now I’m sad because I’ve binged watched it and I’m almost done with season 2 and season 3 isn’t available on Netflix just yet. That’s what I get for watching it too fast huh, oh well. This is just a quick post about how I really like the show and I had to realize that it’s just a show not anything to overthink. It’s pure entertainment. Not to mention how beautiful Gabrielle Union is from the outfits, and hairstyles to the simple but naturally beat face that she serves on each episode. 


I love the show and love her too. Black women rock, yes we do.