I cut my hair!!! 

Sooooo….I cut my hair. I cut it all off. Some days I can’t believe it, most days I’m too busy doing mom stuff to even notice :). 

Why did I cut my hair? I was stressed, honestly. Needed something completely different and new. I didn’t know what other change I could make to myself to be even more honest. I always planned to cut my hair short when I was around 25 anyways and here I am…25 and it’s cut! I couldn’t deal with it anymore and my baby was tugging at it ALL of the time anyways and when she wasn’t, I was. Tragic! 

I’m glad I did it. It was the dead weight that I needed lifted since having my daughter. I do have days where I miss my hair but oh well change is inevitable and at the time I needed this BAD. 
P.s. This was a short post, huh? Lol. Good evening good people. 

2016 so far!

Hi everyone!!!! This year has been crazy hectic and exciting already! So far….I have…

  • Started grad school back up and I’m working towards my MBA in project management 
  • Joined a book club ( an actual real book club that reads a book on a monthly basis and gets together to discuss it!!) I’m so excited about that! 
  • Got my ticket to see Beyonce in May!!! Yay yay yay!!! 
  • Whacked all of my hair off!!!! (Post coming soon with all of the details)   
  • Embraced some things about myself…the fact that I’m a mother now, I’m kind of an introvert and that I just like what I like dammit & people can hate it or love it who cares! 
  • I LOVE Shonda Rhimes and I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy! I love everything dealing with Shondaland, period. 

I took a vow to start doing more of what I wanted to do and make decsisons for myself and no one else in regards to my life. And I absolutely love it. If we all just embrace who we really are, where we really are in life and stick to being true to ourselves, I promise you’ll be so much happier. So much happier. 

Happy Monday everyone 🙂