New hair, new job, new outlook on life.

Hello and happy Monday!!!!!

My 25th birthday is vastly approaching and for the most part, honestly, I haven’t been all that excited about it. For the past few months I had kind of been in a slump…being a new mom and all has its up & down days for sure but it’s still the greatest thing in life. EVER. Anyways, I was feeling not so good about my birthday because for one, I didn’t have a job. Two, being in the house 90% of the time with a newborn can become a lot..especially with a hard working boyfriend who spends most of his days working to provide for the baby & I. Nevertheless, I’m so grateful and thankful that I’m able to stay at home with my baby girl. Within the past couple of months I began to look deep within and do a little soul searching and boooooooyyyyyy did it bring about a change in my life in every way. I began reading a couple of self help books, lots of quiet time with God, and finding positive, inspiring people on social media (Twitter, periscope, etc.) that are life coaches and in ministry. Sometimes you just have to help yourself, and encourage yourself. I saw a blatant change in my attitude towards everything and my slump/depression began to pass. Long story short, I got a new job in the last couple of weeks and I will start in the next week or so and I needed something to spice things up a little bit at home and for my new job :-). I said all of that to say patience is a virtue and learning to trust your journey and God is too. I digress.  Here’s a picture of my hair before…

  Long, boring mommy hair :-/

Now here’s my hair today…. 

 I think this was perfect for my new job and how I’ve been feeling lately as well as for my 25th birthday coming up on 11/24!!!! Yaaaay!