Building myself up in the wonderful world of Blogging. 


For the past couple of days I’ve been using Word Press to connect and follow new bloggers and bloggers who blog about things that pique my interest. I’ve found some great blogs dealing with everything from parenting and lifestyle to branding. I can’t wait to go through and read & gain more insight & knowlege on how different people blog. I haven’t quite gone all the way public yet when it comes to my writing. I’m comfortable with sharing my work within the blogging community, with people who understand that writing is an actual hobby and can almost be made a career if you choose to do so. As far as sharing posts to my Facebook andTwitter, I’ve done so before but I’m not 100% comfortable yet and I want to spruce my site up a bit before officially letting people go in and read. After all, this is my new baby.  

I recently joined a blogging group here on Word Press to help along the way with my journey to consistently blogging/writing and branding my writing. In day four of our group we were asked to target an audience, basically what kind of readers you want for your blog.

What kind of readers or audience am I gearing towards in my writing? 

 Honestly, I want all different types of people to read my blog. I plan to write about being a mom, the highs and some lows of it, grad school, life situations, fashion, my cooking journey, any and everything that pretty much comes to mind when I choose to blog. 

Get ready for my post on my e-vision board for this year! I’m excited to explain the things on it. Later!